Hysterosalpingography…Say That 5x Fast!

I hope everyone had a truly wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving Day! I sure did. We ate a lot and laughed just as much. Christmas is around the corner and we plan to visit my family. I am looking forward to that. That time with them is very much needed right now.


At my last appointment with the new doctor, he decided to put me on a 10 day worth of Provera. Provera is the drug that forces my period on. I spotted very minimally on Friday (the 29th) and it went away until Tuesday (12/2). Well, I had called the office to see if I should be worried about the fact I only spotted (this was before my period came back full force on the 2nd). The reason I worried was due to the fact that this round of Provera was supposed to bring on my period so we could do the HSG test. I think I briefly discussed this a few posts ago, but quickly…

An HSG test is short for Hysterosalpingography. This test, according to Google, “is an X-ray test to outline the internal shape of the uterus and show whether the fallopian tubes are blocked. In HSG, a thin tube is threaded through the vagina and cervix. A substance known as contrast material is injected into the uterus.”

This test is best done on day 2 of your menstrual cycle (woohoo…) and at hospital. Making this test happen involves three schedules, mine, the Dr. and the hospitals so it can be quite difficult. So that is why I was a bit concerned. Well, by the time the nurse got back to me (which was today y the way), I had gotten a full period and our Dr. was out of the office at a different location. They set up the HSG test for next Friday and a follow up on that following Monday. Waiting on confirmation of all of this from my Dr. of course. But at least now it is on the books somewhere.

He also put me on 5 days of Letrozole. I looked this up and it is actually used for a few different reasons. The main one is used for helping breast cancer as part of chemotherapy…

The second is for fertility. (But, still kinda scary.) It gets taken day 3 of my period for 5 days. It is supposed to help bring on ovulation. He said that it has a better success rating with woman struggling with PCOS or other ovulating issues. Keep your fingers crossed!

Also, send prayers to us about this HSG test. I need it to be clear and healthy and positively good news so we can move forward that I am praying we can.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought I’d check in in the wee hours of Thanksgiving. I have had a lot of people private message me that they are thinking of me and Nathan during our struggle. Sending us wishes of hope and prayer and just kindness. Truly, that is more appreciated than anyone could possibly imagine.

We’ve also recently found and took in a stray puppy. This poor thing was 5 lbs, ribs poking out, dirty as could be, just super miserable and weak. We felt for the poor babe. We decided to keep her. She is sweet, feisty, wild, funny, smart, and fits in well with our other two sweet dog babies.

During a time of trying to get healthy for a possible future pregnancy, she was a welcome distraction. More than that though, she is loved and now a part of the household. Almost like she has always been a part of us.

I picked up a cookbook that is directly veered for PCOS woman. Next week I plan to make some of those recipes. I think I also would like to start making meals with veggies only for at least once a week again. I think it will be a good way to jump start our healthy turnaround.

I also started to talk to a personal trainer about cost, time, etc. that I met from work. I think in the beginning of the new year, I plan to try that out. I need motivation. The only way I can do that is with another person either by my side going through the same struggle as me or someone pushing me to get through my struggle. I haven’t had much success with finding people who will stay committed with me so I think I need to get someone to push me and make me cut my bullshit out.

If I don’t make some changes, I will never be a mother. I can’t keep doing this to myself. I can make some healthy changes and HOPEFULLY they will turn our issues around at least half way. If we still are struggling, least I know it can’t just be my weight. Looking for positives in the most crumby areas, but if I don’t, I will just be miserable. And who wants to be that? Anyway, I am rambling at this point.

I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving! Eat, drink, laugh, make memories, enjoy your loved ones company, and just be happy! 🙂

Keto Diet

Recently, I have decided to try the keto diet. The keto diet or the ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet. You drastically reduce your carbohydrate intake and replace it with fats. Eventually this reduction of carbs will put your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. When your body is almost completely fueled by fats, your body is in a natural state called ketosis.

It has been said that woman with PCOS can benefit greatly by being put on the keto diet. Faster weight loss can benefit in maintaining a healthier lifestyle which could help in getting pregnant naturally.

I’ve only started to read on keto, do my research by emerging myself in Facebook groups, asking friends who do the diet as well, and reading all of the pros and cons of it. I am slowly going into this by trying some keto-friendly meals and snacks and trying to understand what my body is meant to be doing during this diet. Thankfully, Nathan is joining me in this and I pray I have better results with him along side of me. I have always done better with  losing weight and becoming focused with a partner by my side.

I looked up some keto meals on Friday and made my grocery list. On Saturday, we went grocery shopping and started eating keto all day long. Nate is still trying to ween himself off of soda and we still had like 3 cases of soda that he had to drink before becoming fully committed, but it seems like he is really going to stick with this once he gets rid of all of his sugary drinks.

I have always been a healthy eater for the most part, but unfortunately, I always eat big portions of everything which is also a reason for my weight gain. And let’s be real, I have a HUGE sweet tooth that at times does get me in trouble. I’ve been trying to replace my cravings with water. And when that doesn’t help, I have made some keto-friendly desserts in hopes that it’ll curb my craving.

I am praying that this diet will help me jump start my motivation again. I used to eat right all of the time with only allowing myself one cheat meal a week and I always had motivation and time to work out for at least 30 minutes per day, seven days a week. I NEED to get back to that. With the aches, pains, and icky feeling my body gets a lot, my brain craves a healthy lifestyle again. I need to get myself back and I think keto can help me in this.

Like I said, I have only just started this, so I will keep you all posted on my progress. Have any of your done keto? Do you like it? Have tips or advice? I could use it! 🙂


480765c5480e85d8bd7e8c175b088a60I am alive! See? I know it has been quite some time since my last post. A lot has happened since I’ve last posted on my blog. I started doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme work outs and meal planning. I quit my seriously stressful job and started a new job as a full time nanny!

I know exactly what you are thinking. How is being a nanny not stressful? Honestly, it does have its moments, however at the non-profit I was at, there were just TOO MANY moments. I always came home exhausted both physically and definitely mentally. I actually went back and read a few drafted posts that I had saved from the last time I tried to submit a post and the last one I had was about exhaustion and how I felt like I was on sleeping pills the entire day, every day. That is how bad it was.

Now, don’t get me wrong; PCOS can cause some serious fatigue, but my job was making it way worse. The way I was taking care of myself (or not) was making it horrible as well. I had been contemplating this for months now. It was just time to make a positive change in my life to better myself. It’s a good thing I did because I noticed that with limited stress, a great work out regime, a healthy diet, and a healthy amount of sleep each night helped curb the kind of exhaustion PCOS can cause. I am finally actively trying to keep this up! Can I just say how much better I actually have been feeling lately? I am happier now than I have been in a while.

So…why did I choose to be a nanny? For as long as I could remember, I’ve always wanted to work with either children or animals. Two things I LOVE more than anything in this world. I decided I would be a full time nanny and do some online courses at the same time. The hours I work will give me ample time at home to not just help me get in my morning work out, but also help me to complete my course load. This is how I will become a certified Vet Tech and then work on getting a certification in being a Medical Administrative Assistant! 🙂

As for the 21 Day Fix Extreme, I am LOVING it! This is my second time doing it. I won’t lie, the first round was a bit frustrating. I used it as more of a test run, to see what I was getting myself into. I was still learning a lot of helpful tips and easy ways of getting through my meals without a hitch. I needed help figuring out how to food prep, meal plan, and make my meals without taking so long each time throughout the day. Once I finally felt comfortable and figured out how to do all of those things that seemed “hard” (but so weren’t), I was able to start round number 2 without any major issues. I am currently on week number 2. I feel so good! I have lost a lot of bloat, inches, and about 3 lbs already. I have to weigh in on Sunday for my new numbers, but I am not really all that worried about it. The work outs make me feel super strong, happy, and super sexy inside!

For now, I have a small goal of being able to fit into my jean shorts for the summer. I don’t even want to fit in the super small ones as long as they are not stretchy, leggings, yoga pants or sweats! I believe next summer I will be closer to my major goals. We are going on a family cruise for my mother’s 65th birthday and I plan to be able to fit in the summer clothes I currently have. Unless, of course, I am expecting…Then I will be happy with maternity bathing suits! 😛

Honestly, I am not sweating the numbers or anything like that right now. I am truly enjoying eating healthy foods and working out every day. Having that motivation and the want to make positive change in my life is really what I missed most and what truly matters most. I have not felt this way in YEARS. I am finally grasping the concept that I needed to have these sort of feelings back in my head to be able to live a healthy lifestyle and not so I can just look good in summer clothing.

I know I was MIA, but I hope to post more as time goes on. Thanks for being patient with me! 🙂

Lack Of Energy Doesn’t Mean Lack Of Fitness

Lately my weeks have been getting crazier and crazier. It delays my posting, so bearimages with me! Last week was only okay. I did wake up at 5:50 am for four days straight to work out which was a major accomplishment! If anyone truly knows me, they know I am not a morning person. I also did it again this morning! I think it will become an ongoing trend. I sometimes do not get home from work until 6, 6:30 and it really puts a cramp on working out. Plus, I’d like to take our dogs on a walk more often than we do and in doing a morning work out, I think I can do that for them! 🙂

As for my featured work out, I did about two days worth of it. I am trying, but not hard enough. I am about to order the 21 Day Fix from a friend who sells Beachheart shape of various fresh berries Body. I will not do the smoothies, but I plan to do the work out and use the colored cups to help my portion control. I find my portion control is a problem for myself. Though I usually choose the healthier options most of the time, it is still a problem of how much I should be eating for a snack, etc. When I was on Weight Watchers, I lost a lot of weight due to the portion control their program is based on.

Though last week was not as successful in my eyes, I still think I lost a few pounds, and if not pounds than definitely inches by losing bloat. I am not yet ready to wei187880282_XS.jpggh myself. A few more weeks of working out and trying to cut out any unnecessary sugars and carbs (which has been a real delight lately, let me tell you...) then I will weigh myself and track my process from there.

I got my period this morning. (yay…) so trying to stay motivated and energetic will prove difficult, but I am going to try to break through all of that. Yesterday, I felt odd (maybe partially due to being hormonal). It was Easter, and it did not feel like Easter. I was exhausted and I was in a pitiful mood. I tried to act like I wasn’t, but really, it felt good to get home after dinner. On top of my normal feelings I go through every day, I guess I also really missed my mom and my entire family. They had E
aster dinner in PA and definitely missed being home. However, I shutterstock_255660655-750x400.jpgam going to choose to be happy this week as much as possible! It is the only way to get through this bad cloud hanging over my head.

Well, for the featured work out for this week, I am going to be focused on the entire body, but especially the back. Check them out below and follow along! The more people I have interested, the more I want to keep going. If you choose to go along with me, leave a comment or a like! 🙂





Toning Exercise #1

I thought it would be a cool idea to post a weekly toning exercise that I plan to do that week! If you would like to join with me, please feel free. We can keep each other accountable by leaving a simple comment below or on my social media! Let’s do it!

My fitness goal for the week:

Elliptical for 25 minutes (4x this week)

Walk our pups for 20-30 minutes (3x this week)

Some form of toning exercise (arm, butt, core, legs, back, etc.) for 20-25 minutes (5x this week)

I would love to work out all 7 days, but my realistic goal will be set for at least 5 days!

This week’s main toning exercise is focused on the core and arms! 


Let’s Get Physical

1b2b7ce8661c0e9fb1d4c73a018d2e8dWell, it is time to get real with myself…again and to remain in the realness FOREVER. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I either care a whole lot ALL OF THE TIME or I just get through the day with the little bit of motivation I’ve got and whatever happens, happens. Well, for the sake of the longevity of my life, I truly need to find my motivation and drive to always be in a healthy mindset. If I don’t, who knows what kind of health risks I am looking at. So I am here hoping YOU will help me get there and then hold onto it forever. In fact, if you wanted, we could keep each other accountable. Living this healthy lifestyle is better in big groups, don’t ya think?

Let me give you some further background on my wonderful weight loss roller coaster (there are many…). Before this, I had lost about 40 lbs before my husband and I married in 2013. It took me two years; two very long years, to get down to that weight, to get some form of a definition in my stomach and most importantly, to have normal fit-destination-700_0cholesterol levels. I was proud of who I was and what I was doing. I always felt happy, truly healthy, and I rarely questioned the girl in the mirror. It was a nice change of pace especially since I spent years upon years despising who I was both physically and internally.

To get to that point of happiness, I used to go to the gym every day after work and even on the weekends at times. I would aim for two hours every time I was at the gym or a combination of working out at the gym and home. I ate well pretty much every day. Finding new and interesting ways of eating a smoothie or healthy meals/snacks. I kept track of my food and water intake and I was Health-blue-e1429679140877-1013x567in bed at a reasonable time in order to get eight hours of sleep. I was the textbook of healthy and I actually enjoyed it. Now, I’m not going to lie and say I never skipped a day at the gym or ate pizza, because I just don’t lie. It was a rarity, but I did allow a break in my week. I learned you can’t deprive your body of the “bad” food because it may cause you to have a rapid downward spiral and revert back to your old ways in a heartbeat anyway. It is all about portion size and self control; both of which are key, in my opinion.

I lost that perspective after about a year and a half of marriage when our family started to experience severe health issues (or worsened health issues), which affected us more than we’d realized it would. I started to care less about myself and more about the people around me and what they were going through. Meaning my healthy lifestyle pretty much went to the back burner which is okay because that was more important at the time. I just should have tried to balance out work-life-balancemy life a lot better instead of just dropping it altogether because my health is just as important as everyone else’s. I think sometimes people forget about the importance of their mental and physical health during busy times in their lives which is normal but it is important that we are able to have a good balance of helping others and ourselves.

That eventually turned into what I am today, which isn’t so bad, but I’m not where I used to be. I want to love working out and eating weird healthy recipes again. These are now my minor goals to reach my bigger goals. I have different motives this time ahead, of course. Before, it was for our wedding and to lower my cholesterol. This time, it is to just be healthy and to feel healthy (and to hopefully have healthy children someday). I want to look into the mirror and admire the woman I see and not cringe at the person looking back at me. I want to feel like I am actually in control of my life and the outcome of my life. In order to do that, I need to find my balance, my motivation, and my want again.

I wasn’t able to do a starting weight since the battery in my ThinkstockPhotos-518201195scale broke (currently ordering a new one…), however a few months back, I was closer to my weight BEFORE I lost 40 lbs. Yikes. This week, I worked out four times. We’ve walked our pups for about 30 minutes for three days this week and then I would jump right onto the elliptical right after. My goal for this week is to work out today and the ENTIRE week. With a mixture of taking our dogs for a walk, working out on the elliptical, hand weights, and entire body work outs, I think I will be able to work up that lack of motivation. It will just take time; a little each day. Some times I have to remind myself that it won’t happen over night. Patience is a virtue that I am trying to obtain.

I’ve been eating pretty well lately as well. I’ve gotten hooked on trail mix which isn’t amazingly hehealthy-living-webalthy but it’s not, not healthy… I’ve chosen a healthy option at almost every single meal this week and added more veggies to my meals. I did food prep last Sunday and plan to do so this Sunday. It helped me pick the right foods for all my meals and my snacks. I had enough time in the mornings because I made my lunch ahead of time and it never gave me a moment of not knowing what to eat and resorting to an unhealthy option. It was nice to do that again and I actually am looking forward to doing it again tonight for the week! There is one thing I do need to work on which is less dairy intake. In some of my research, I’ve found that there may be a link to PCOS and being lactose intolerant. I believe it. Dairy tends to make me bloated and…unfavorable to the people around me… I’ll be cutting dairy out a lot more than I have been as another goal of mine!

Though, I’m aware of all of my changes and trying to make these changes, I feel like I am still lacking some major mojo. I feel exhausted more than usual which is saying a lot. I suppose it is a combination of normalimages fatigue and now working out so much more. I know my body will adjust but some days, I just wanted to sleep like the dead.

Regardless of fatigue or feeling like I may not be able to get through the day, I will give it my all to keep going. If I want the happy ending that I continuously am dreaming of and talking about, I will have to be actively doing something to be successful in that. If you feel you want your own success to play out as well, let me know. I would love to have accountability and encouragement, and together it may be easier to achieve!  🙂

My Dream v. My Reality

As long as I could remember all I’ve ever wanted in life was to be  a mother. Cliche? Maybe, but it’s what I wanted and still want very much so. If I was being truly honest with myself, I never really pictured the whole white picket fence with the husband, the dog and all that usually comes with that dream, but I did imagine a baby and the bond I had with it. I know it’s odd. Most little girls have their entire lives planned out. I just knew that I wanted to be the person my mother always was to me: my advocate, my superhero, my biggest supporter. I knew that one day I’d want to be those exact things to a smaller version of myself.

Of course, as I grew up, I realized I could always accomplish that dream if I modified it some and found the man I loved wholeheartedly and trusted with my life. Well, this is my story of how I found my soulmate (at a very young age, mind you), but have yet to receive that part of my dream. Our dream now. I guess that’s harsh to say. Being in our lives for as long as we have, we are lucky enough to still be infatuated with one another and have created a sweet and beautiful little fur-family in our adorable home which is a great start so far. However, we know one thing is still missing from our perfect little family: a human version of ourselves running a muck in this adorable home of ours.

The struggle begins with how I was first told I had PCOS at fifteen. What is PCOS? The real name is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.  A short brief: it is a hormonal disorder that can cause enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges. The severity of the syndrome can vary. It can just be a bad case of acne, hair growth in unfortunate areas (or loss) to not being able to conceive at all to everything in between those two extremes. I’m somewhere in the middle (as of right now at least). I’m not a doctor, but I’m sure any case can change in any direction or so my research and being in my very interesting Facebook groups have suggested. Fortunately, a great lifestyle change can help; diet, exercise, and medication all can help aide in conceiving or keeping hormones in check.

I’ve started my journey of medications a few months ago (about 7 months), but we started baby making plans about two years ago by stopping my birth control. From the start, I knew it would take a bit of time to get pregnant since the pills had been in my system for a decade, but I didn’t realize it would take THIS long. We are still not pregnant. It is frustrating, maddening and sometimes heartbreaking. We try to keep our feelings and our journey to ourselves most of the time. Sometimes people don’t really understand this part of babies/pregnancy and can sometimes be insensitive or just sort of treat it like it’s a bad cold that’ll eventually go away. Until someone can lay in our bed and try to complete one of the most basic human tasks there is, but come out empty handed every single time, then I just don’t want to hear it.

Though, this is why I started this blog. I needed a place to rant and rave and spill my feelings out. I can tell my husband ANYTHING, but sometimes it’s nice to do it someplace else. He is going through it with me. He knows the struggle. He struggles too. He may not always show it, but I know he does. This entire journey of ours has made me want to put it out there and get it off my chest and if I happen to make one person who may be going through the same thing feel like their not alone than that’s an added bonus.

Welcome to our crazy world of trying to be a part of the breeders club, my weight loss journey part 24545934573, and just basic suggestions, ideas, and moments of AHHs and AHAs! Be sure to bring the wine, you may need it. 🙂