I know it has been a few months since I last posted about getting OvuSense for my birthday. I wanted to be consistent and gather as much experience of using it before submitting my update.

Quick recap of what OvuSense is. Shaped like a sperm. Insertion of vagina similar to a tampon. Use it overnight while you sleep. Obtains your ovulation status. Wake up. Clean it. Scan it with your smartphone. Track ovulation through the OvuSense app. Continue use every day up until you either get your period or what it is meant to do…you get pregnant!

At first, I was freaked out by the device. I think anything that stays inside your vagina longer than an hour is abnormal and causes serious vaginal problems. Or at least that is my fear. It kept me up at night and I was not sleeping at all which made me use it inconsistently, only using it once in the blue moon.

Eventually I was getting so fed up, contemplating on forgetting about it altogether. Then I started reading other women’s experiences with it and their success stories that it motivated me to keep trying. That made me create a goal of using it consistently for two weeks which eventually grew to a full month.

After a few consistent weeks of using it, I totally forgot that it was there and had no troubles sleeping. However, I have not taken a pregnancy test yet this month. Taking a test worries me now. I get so much anxiety about it that I just don’t know if I can do it; so much disappointment usually comes from it. I have learned to keep my hopes and expectations low for fear of the negative that usually comes.

I’ve started to look forward to waking up to see my result even if, so far, there’s been no ovulation occurring. I think this proves my doctor’s point. At my last exam, she mentioned how I may need to go see a fertility doctor soon to be put on medication to help bring on ovulation. She thinks I am not ovulating on my own. For about a second, we thought my body was doing just fine without any medication because my breasts were getting sore and I was getting pain in my uterus, but nothing seems to have come from that.

I told her about OvuSense and she thought it was a pretty neat idea! She suggested I do it for three months straight and if I don’t get a positive result from it then I need to make an appointment with a fertility specialist. We go on a cruise in September and I figure if nothing has happened by the time we get back from the cruise, I will be making a call to the specialist.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! 🙂


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