This is sort of a rant post. It doesn’t focus on anything that’s recently happened, though it has before.

The idea that my time with my kind of family is not as valuable as the time of a mother or father is hurtful. It’s hurtful and fucking ridiculous. Assnine. Insensitive. Rude. …okay, you get the idea.

My kind of family has a husband, no children, and include eight paw prints.

Automatically people with children assume that their time is more valuable than those of non-parents. That if we’re a group of individuals working side by side and one individual with no children doesn’t volunteer spare time and an individual with children does, why is the non-parent looked at with confusion, annoyance, frustration, and questioning?

My time with my kind of family is just as relevant and important as yours. I don’t choose to live a life without children, but that is what my life is like in this moment. For you to automatically decide my time with MY family is less important than yours is how YOU choose to live.

We all have families. All different. All kinds. Blended. Adopted. Fostered. Gay. Straight. White. Black. Purple. Pink. Red. Green. Blue. Biracial. And in cases like mine, pets…dogs. and it’s okay to be a person who doesn’t think animals are the same as children, but I’m not one of those people and though I think YOU’RE WRONG, I choose to forgive you and move on and not assume your time is less important.

Don’t assume that I’ll automatically be okay with missing out on dinners and special moments with my husband, cuddles, kisses, and playing around with my dogs because my children bark instead of talk.

Don’t be that person. Just saying.


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