Well, today was our five year wedding anniversary and it was a really great day!!

Five beautiful wedded years, but really 15 years altogether of being friends, boyfriend and girlfriend, and now husband and wife. When you get to live this really crazy life with your favorite human, how can you go wrong? Though I will say, even though it has not been easy the entire time, it has been an overall amazing time. I’d take all of the hard moments life has thrown at us, which has been quite a bit, all over again as long as I was guarenteed to do it again with Nathan every single time.

We have a very interesting relationship. Not only do we love each other so deeply, we still find ways to surprise each other, find out new things about the each other, and talk about EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING under the sun all while still annoying each other. It’s called balance, my friends. 😉

Some times when I hear friends, family, or just random people wherever talking about their relationships, about 75% of the time their problems stem from lack of communication or poor communication skills. Trust me, we aren’t experts and we DEFINITELY have had our own communication issues along the way and we sometimes still do. The one thing we can agree on is to always hash out any issue we may be having with talking it out. Scream it, cry it, laugh it, or just normal talking it out…choose it and just do it. There may be times where one person has to leave the room to catch their breath before saying something they may regret, and that is fine, as long as you decide to come back and continue on the conversation once you’ve cooled off.

I only plan to be married once and I only want this relationship to be it. If we can’t talk to each other then why are we even married? I’ll always work on my communication skills towards Nathan and towards others in general. It is something I actually have difficulty with at times especially when it comes to feeling impatient, angry, or frustrated. I work on that part of myself ALL of the damn time. It never stops. I have previously made people feel pretty lousy by using my form of communication and even though it has been a tremendously long time since I’ve done that, I never want to make someone else feel that way again. So I put in the effort by learning patience, breathing skills, and thinking clearly before trying to present my argument or my perspective on a situation to someone. It’s the best way to come to some sort of solution or compromise.

Other than that, we had a really relaxing and fun day. Nate had off today and I left work at noon. We both lounged on the couch with the pups while it thundered and rained all while cuddled up under blankets. Then we had a delicious and high quality meal that we normally would not have had and topped the meal off with super cheap and equally yummy milkshakes from Cook Out! haha! Balance. We came home and relaxed some more while I got foot massages. Now that is how you spend five years of wedded bliss together! 😛


IN OTHER NEWS, today was also my last day as a nanny. It has been killing me for three days now about how I won’t be seeing those round little faces with bright smiles coming at me when I walk into the door or learning about new things by watching them grow and just how the entire family in general was a blessing to Nathan and myself. I will always feel grateful for meeting them and for their trust in me to watch over their little babes. I’ve learned a lot in this short year, and I plan to use it in my future. Being their nanny has allowed me to start and continue my education, continue on this blog while learning more about PCOS, and has aided in figuring out a financial and medical plan for our future. I don’t think they will ever truly know how much gratitude I hold for them. They will always hold a piece of my heart!

Now, I will be working as a patient service coordinator at a local optometrist’s office. I am truly looking forward to learning a new set of skills and applying what I’ve learned so far from my certification classes into this job. I pray this will be the job I have until we decide to move in four (or five) years. I am truly ecstatic to move forward in this new endeavor!


I’ve also been working out almost seven days a week! And trying to narrow in on my nutrition and getting it as close to clean eating as possible. I won’t lie though, it is easier said than done, but I am trying and that is all I can give. Below is a picture of myself from April 2017 to March 2018. Left side photos are from April and the right side are from March.


I plan to take a picture of myself this weekend to show the difference from March 2018 to current. I was going to do it on Wednesday, but I ended up getting Aunt Flo and was a bit bloated so I decided that wouldn’t be a fair representation of my hard work and the program I’ve been using. I still have a long way to go, but this is progress and this side by side is providing a lot of motivation to keep going. Other than all of that, I’ve been quite well lately both mentally and physically. I am having a good time right now and feeling so happy, healthy, and strong. 🙂

Well, I hope everyone has an awesome start to their weekend!


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