My 29th birthday is coming up next week. I went ahead and finally purchased my birthday gift fbirthdaysrom my husband this past weekend. 😂 Yes, I bought it for him. It was for a very good reason though! I’d rather get something I really need rather than random stuff that isn’t necessary that may just clutter up my drawers and shelves. So, for my gift, I finally purchased the OvuSense!


OvuSense is a device used to determine ovulation. It is particularly great for women with PCOS. Since regular ovulation tests cannot properly determine when ovulation occurs. OvuSense is not the cheapest gift, however it is a small price to pay for accuracy and for piece of mind. The device runs about $99 (unless you are cheap like me, find a coupon, and get it for $74.25!) and the app is $30 per month. The first month is free with purchase though! Again, a small price to pay in our minds.

Gift Box

How does it work? The OvuSense device is placed internally while asleep every single night. In the morning, the device is scanned by your phone to upload the information to the app. The app will track each night and then notify you when ovulation has occured!

I should receive mine by Friday and then I will be able to begin using it! I am so excited for it. I will update my opinion and progress with it as time goes on.

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