Don’t say it, I know. It’s been a hot minute since I last posted. To be completely honest with you, life kind of just got crazy and unfortunately my blog took the back burner for a bit. Don’t worry though, I’ve come back with many topics and wonderful (not so wonderful) personal stories to tell.

Recently I was told by a very close family member that she read my blog and not only did she read it, but her good friend did as well. That made me


want to cry. I couldn’t believe it! Unfortunately though, lately not much doesn’t make me cry (which I try to laugh about when I am not crying), but that’s a whole other issue. But this really meant a lot to me.

This close relative of mine disclosed some information to me that I wouldn’t think would happen to her. I made assumptions about her that I should not have. You never know what could be happening to other people just by looking at them or by thinking you knew everything about their situation. When it comes to fertility, I have realized not everything is so black and white and cut and dry.

*Women who have had a healthy baby, but soon after their healthy baby, may have tried again only to miscarry which then may have caused them not able to carry another healthy fetus ever again.

*Women who have many beautiful and healthy kids, and those said kids are almost in their early teen y


ears, may struggle for years before they could carry another healthy baby.

*And then of course, you also have the obvious one; a healthy young individual who takes care of herself pretty regularly and still not able to conceive at all. Think about how strange that is. Never assume that you know someone’s story because I bet you, it will shock you.

Our bodies are scientifically built to grow, house, feed, and protect a 8 lb being in our uterus’s. Yet, there are SO many women who struggle to do that exact thing. Their bodies may have already been through the process and 10 years later, it somehow forgets how do it’s job? You had one job, body! How ironic, how frustrating, how incredibly insulting is that? Trust me, I know. It is something that plays in my brain every single day. I get angrier at my own body than I do at anyone else.


If you want to feel slightly better about things, go talk to someone. Anyone you think wouldn’t get it. You’d probably think Someone wouldn’t think they knew the struggle and I bet they do. There are too many women out there who have gone through the same exact frustration as we are. If you do get a chance to talk to someone like that, listen to them. I bet it will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel especially if they made it through their own struggle. I did just that, and it made me realize that by sharing our journey with the world, impacts more people than I thought a


nd that makes me want to keep sharing our journey with everyone.

Also, just be aware of your assumptions because not only is it mean to the person whom you are assuming about, but it feeds into your own crazy thoughts and that can be detrimental to your own well-being. Think positively and it gets a little easier to deal with.


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