Last week I went to the gyno for a check up on our situation. My left breast has been getting severely painful and at times, hurts to the touch. It usually happens right before my menstrual cycle begins. This used to never happen, however it has been an issue twice in a row now. 

Of course, as my mind wandered to the most darkest of places like the big C, my doctor informed me that it is actually a sign of ovulation!! She said I am most likely ovulating on my own now which is an obviously BIG deal! P.s. she said breast cancer doesn’t develope lumps that hurt, rather it just shows up and you’re not sure of it. Which is pretty crappy. 

As for my other issues going on, we have come up with a plan on those as well. Nothing minor and nothing we can’t help! I may blog about those issues soon to shine light on the minor annoyances PCOS can cause as well, however they are very personal topics and this is a fair warning as to what will come. 😛 

All in all, we are excited about the news of ovulation and continue to stay positive and healthy to conceive. 🙂


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