Sorry for eclecticallymeaganhappybeing MIA lately. It has been a crazy busy week. I have been trying to become a happier version of myself by job searching. This has caused a lot of distraction from my blog, however not from taking care of myself! This past week, I ate pretty decently without overdoing it too much and I have cut down my diary as much as possible. A few hiccups here and there but I am only human, right?.

I worked out a few times, but always managed to stick to my featured workout except for Saturday since I was away for the entire day. No excuse though, I know, I should have spent the 3 minutes and completed my squats. Other than that, I’d say I had a successful-ish week. I am ready for a better one though!

I promise I will get back to my regular posts, but I’ve been struggling with how to word the focus of my next post… but be sure to stay tuned. My goal for this week’s post is to submit it by Tuesday or Wednesday!

This week I want to focus on doing more yoga (to help with my lack of sanity at work, haha) and more on my arms and back! I have the following as my featured workouts! Help me stay accountable and motivated! Join me in this workout this week! 🙂unnamed (1)unnamed


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