I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I am so NOT feeling like working out tonight, but I am pushing myself even if it is for 20 minutes. I had a rough day at work and a serious storm has started up, and all I really want to do is lay on the couch with my fur babies and my hubby! BUT healthy and fit bodies are not made as a couch potato 😛

7453efbee18e4ebc532c61ceaf24b592This week’s goals are as follows:

Monday: 20 minutes of elliptical and an attempt at the featured work out

Tuesday: 30 minutes of walking our pups (hopefully it’s a clear day!), 20 minutes of the elliptical, and the featured work out

Wednesday: 30m of walking, 25m of elliptical, featured work out.

Thursday: 30m of walking, 30m of elliptical, featured work out.

Friday and Saturday, I will be going to Charlotte therefore won’t have much time for cardio, but I plan to work in my featured work out somewhere for both days.

Sunday, I will be home so 20m elliptical, 25m yoga, and featured work out.

This week’s featured work out is all about the butt! The picture was a screenshot on my phone (sorry! haha) so it is thunnamede following:

Day 1: 10 Squats

Day 2: 15 Squats

Day 3: 20 Squats

Day 4: 25 Squats

Day 5: 30 Squats

Day 6: 35 Squats

Day 7: 40 Squats


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