This was a great week for keeping myself going!I did have some complications onew-energy-bign Thursday due to my sciatic nerve bothering me tremendously. I opted out on working out. On Friday, I had to babysit after work so I did not get a chance to work out last night either. I am about to work out after this post though! That will bring positive-thinking-evokes-more-energy-quotes-sayings-picturesme to a total of five days! More than I have been doing lately. I think posting a featured work out for the week is working well for me (even if I am the only one doing it! 😛 )

I also have been eating and sleeping way better for the most part. I think I only had one bad night of sleep this week. Usually, my bad sleeping patterns are not limited to just one night. I will take it! bloated.jpg

I have also noticed that my stomach isn’t as bloated as usual. I have tried to cut diary out as much as possible this week. Not fully though. Baby steps. I bought unsweetened vanilla almond milk yesterday to replace our regular milk! I made a smoothie this morning for the first time in a while. I am felightbodyeling pretty content and not looking for a snack so that’s a plus. I just feel like I have a ton of energy. I’ve been moving all morning for the most part!

I have posted the work out down below again! In case, you guys change your mind! Well, let me know how you guys are feeling and doing! Are you working out? What are some of your work out tips or routines? I want to get more ideas. Enjoy this beautiful Saturday! 🙂



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