Today I received a call from my doctor’s office that my husband’s sperm analysis came back…ABSOLUTELY NORMAL! Yay! I won’t lie, I had mixed emotions when hearing this news. I started to tear up a bimale_infertility_ivf_michigan_semen_analysis.jpgt. Not because he was healthy. I am very excited and thankful that he is healthy, however the chances of it being my body’s issue to conceive goes up enormously. Which I already knew could be a gigantic possibility from the start, but to have a slight confirmation is nerve-wracking to say the least.

I just stopped this month’s 10 day dose of Provera which is to bring forth my menstrual cycle. The nurse wants me to take a pregnancy test if I have not yet received it even though it could take up two weeks for me to get my period. It is better to be safe than sorry! I will do that and if it is negative, wait for my period,  and then make an appointment with my doctor’s office to continue the infertility testing for me this time. IVF-is-still-an-option-in-many-locations

Of course, this will be costly since infertility treatments are not covered by insurance (don’t even get me started on this! This is an entire new post!!).
So treatments/testing will take a very long time for us since we will have to build up our savings in between each testing we have done. Infertility testing is extremely expensive especially without insurance (I know…I’m not even going there…).

Well as time moves on, and as testing and results come in, I will always submit an update. It has made this journey tolerable to have a place to vent to and not get a staggering comment back or a hesitant and unwanted piece of advice.



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